5 Risk of Leucorrhoea If Left Unchecked, Starts Uncomfortable Until Death!

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Every woman who has reached puberty must have experienced vaginal discharge. This symptom is actually very normal as a sign that the reproductive organs are carrying out a self-defense mechanism from various dead cells and pathogens to get out of the body.
The main characteristic of normal vaginal discharge is the frequency that is not continuous. In addition, the color of mucus that comes out of the vagina is clear or white, does not itch, does not cause pain, and does not or slightly cause odor. The cycle tends to be hormonal as well as before menstruation, pregnancy or menopause.

Well, if you experience abnormal vaginal discharge like smell, green, yellow, grayish, or until it feels painful, itchy and hot, don’t delay again. See a doctor immediately before you experience this risk. Here are some serious risks of leucorrhoea if you leave it!

1. Infertil
Most women certainly hope to get a baby when the time comes later. But if you experience abnormal vaginal discharge and do not immediately provide appropriate treatment, the risk of infertility is greater.

This is due to the accumulation of bacteria that damage cells and hormones in the female area. Pathogens will also be easier to cause infections and produce blockages in the ovary canal or fallopian tubes.
2. Infection of a partner
For those of you who are married, it’s good not to have sexual relations with your husband when you are still having vaginal discharge. In addition to making the quality of sex so reduced, the husband can also experience a serious illness, you know!

Forcing yourself to make love with your husband in this condition can cause the spread of harmful bacteria. Bacteria tricomonas or gonorrhea can make a husband experience uretal discharge aka urinary tract infection.

3. Continuous Pain
In some cases, abnormal vaginal discharge causes the sufferer to feel pain that disturbs around the female organs including the hips and abdomen. The cause is none other than infection caused by bacteria or fungi.

This ongoing pain will make the activity hampered. Even at a more serious level, this nested infection will make you feel painful when you urinate.
4. Cervical Cancer
To this day, cervical cancer is still the most feared disease by women. This cervical cancer is ranked first as a cause of death of women.

It may be, abnormal vaginal discharge experienced is actually a real symptom of cervical cancer. These symptoms do tend to be ‘too vague’ for cervical cancer so that many women ignore and only realize it if other symptoms appear as indications of cancer at a later stage.

5. Pregnancy Outside the Womb
The risk of death in women can also increase the risk of pregnancy outside the womb. This condition will make baby’s growth stunted and cause bleeding to death in the mother.

The main factor affecting this ectopic pregnancy is an infection of the fallopian tube. The course of leucorrhoea pathogens that are left to continue will spread from the vagina to the cervix to the fallopian tubes and ovaries causing inflammation.

Horrified, right? Therefore, don’t be indifferent to the vaginal discharge that you experience, huh. Immediately consult a dermatologist or obstetrician if you find symptoms that are odd during vaginal discharge.

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