14 Benefits of Starfruit Juice for Beauty and Health

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The need for vitamins and minerals for the body is very important, you can get it by consuming fruits. To consume it, you don’t have to eat it directly differently if you see the benefits of drinking bitter and bitter but rich in nutrients, you can process it into a variety of delicious and interesting menus. Starting from jam, fruit pie, fruit ice, to fruit juice, and one type of fruit with complete vitamin content and good nutrition, starfruit.

You can process it into juice, how to make it very easy just like when you make fruit juices in general. First, prepare the cooked star fruit and then cut into small pieces and put it into a juicer or blender machine. After that add a little water and turn on the machine, wait for about 1 to 2 minutes and turn the machine off then pour it into the glass. It would be better if you don’t add anything to the juice. This is because pure starfruit juice has many benefits for health and beauty.
Benefits of Starfruit Juice: 

1.Prevent cancer
The high antioxidant content in starfruit juice is very good for dealing with body cell damage mainly due to radioactive substances that can cause cancer. So that you will avoid cancer.

2.Maintain Digestive Health
Digestion is one of the most important organs for the body, therefore you should be able to maintain it properly. There are various ways that you can do to keep your digestive system healthy and different if you see the benefits of sahur with bananas, one of which is by drinking starfruit juice.

3.Overcoming Digestive Disorders
The fiber content in starfruit juice is very good for digestive health, not only that. If you often experience constipation or defective bowel movements, then you can overcome it by drinking starfruit juice.

4.Overcoming Hypertension
For those of you who have a history of hypertension and frequent relapses, if this continues to be left it will be very dangerous for your health. for that you can overcome it by drinking starfruit juice when your hypertension recurs.
5.Lower cholesterol levels
Besides being able to overcome hypertension, starfruit juice is also able to overcome cholesterol levels. When your cholesterol level rises, to overcome this, drink a glass of sugarless star fruit juice. Besides being able to reduce cholesterol levels, starfruit juice is also able to prevent and stabilize cholesterol.

6.Increasing Enzyme Performance
The nutritional content of star fruit juice can improve the function of enzymes in your body different from the benefits of bodhi trees, of course this is very good so that your health will always be maintained. Drink star fruit juice every 3 to 4 days to increase body enzymes.

7.Improve Immune System
Star fruit juice has high vitamin C content which is very good for those of you who often get flu, cough, and fever. If you are often affected by the disease, it could be because your immune system is low, to increase drinking starfruit juice regularly.

8.Overcoming Kidney Disorders
The kidneys are one of the most important organs, you can maintain their health in various ways. One effective and easy way is to drink starfruit juice in the morning. This will help make your kidney’s performance easier.

9.Prevent Uban
It is very important to maintain the appearance, especially the tip of the head, hair is a crown that must be maintained. For that you can drink starfruit juice different from the benefits of the parasite tree, the nutrient content that exists can prevent gray hair from growing in your hair.
10.Prevent Premature Aging
In addition to hair, of course, especially facial appearance is one of the most important assets. To keep it from avoiding premature aging and wrinkles on your face, you can drink starfruit juice regularly.

11.Overcoming inflammation
For those of you who are experiencing inflammation, especially sore throat, you can overcome it easily and effectively. The trick is to drink starfruit juice without any additives such as sugar or ice. This will help relieve inflammatory symptoms such as fever and pain.

12.Maintaining Eye Health
Besides having vitamins B and C, starfruit juice also has high vitamin A content. This is certainly very good for those of you who want to have healthy, sparkling eyes.

13.Prevent acne
The main problem of adolescents from the past until now is acne, to prevent the occurrence of pimples or blisters then you can drink starfruit juice every morning. This is so effective that your face will always be clean and free of pimples.

14.Smooth the skin
Besides being able to prevent different zits from the benefits of rattan trees, drinking star fruit juice every morning can smooth your skin. This is related to the many nutritional content of starfruit juice that can nourish your skin too.

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