How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

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Want to lose weight without doing any exercise? Well, it’s doable!
If you are like the old version of me, sitting around 76 kilos or more but earnestly want to shred those fat cells once and for all, you’re in the right spot.

Hang in there to learn how to lose weight without exercise!

Almost 20kgs got out of my body and yeah the feeling was exceptional!

What was most satisfying for me was the easiness of finding clothes in the stores. WOW! I could choose a small size and it would just fit in…

Are you ready to experience that feeling? So, let’s start!

No Exercise? Say Whaattt!!!
It was always hard for me to believe that a human can lose weight without regularly hitting the gym or working out at home for at least 1 hour daily.

But when I saw my best friend who was losing so much weight without any exercise, (because of the nature of her job), I really couldn’t believe my eyes and that’s when I started to believe that weight loss without exercise is really possible.

Thank God our body works that way because we are really lazy those days hehe.

What I understood is that THE DIET is everything. For instance, you can do lots of exercises but if you don’t eat as you should, you may see slow results or no results at all.

But, if your eating habit is on point, weight loss is guaranteed even though you don’t exercise at all.

I’m a living testimony of what I just said, so you can take my word for it!

The Fat-Killing Process
During my weight loss journey, I educated myself about the way our body works to get a better understanding of what I was “doing”.

For me, it was important to know this mysterious fat-killing process I was following.

I have seen many people struggling with weight gain because they followed a meal-plan just for the sake of losing weight.

After they lost their desired weight, they return back to eating “normally” and they thought they won’t ever gain a pound.

But if you understand how your organs are working hard to burn those fat cells, you won’t get back to nasty foods so easily I promise.

As a matter of fact, my weight loss program was for me a new, natural and healthy eating lifestyle that I was about to embrace for the rest of my life.

It’s basically cutting off everything’s bad for the body. For e.x, junk and fast food, soft drinks, sugary foods, oily and deep-fried stuff and so on. You get the picture right?

But hey, a meal McDonald’s once in a while is totally fine. Like I always say, it’s not one junk food that will make you fatter or it’s not 1 day at the gym that will make you leaner.
Tips To Lose Weight Without Exercise

Ok, now it’s time to share my best weight loss tips with you, that I myself have followed to be where I am today, comfy and well in my skin! (frankly, I always felt good in my skin, although I was a chubby gal for more than 10 years). ????

What I did to lose weight without exercise was simply saying a big “no” to the bad food and yes to good eating habits.

As you can see in my notebook, I kept track of my weight loss weekly and you can also see that I was losing almost 1kg every week.

The first few months were pretty high, meaning I was losing consistently 1-2kgs each week and then as my body was getting used to this eating habit, I started seeing a drop.

But the good news is that I was still losing weight every single week.

Note that I talk about my weight loss on a weekly basis: it’s because I weighed myself once a week, usually on Fridays. (personal preference)

I can say, for the 4-6 months of sticking to my weight loss program, I didn’t put on any weight, not a single pound.

7 Tips For Weight Loss
So, let’s talk about the part you’ve been waiting for. How to lose those stubborn fat cells with these simple weight loss tips!!!

  1. Cut The Carbs
    You may not know this but your intake of carbs is what can either make your weight go up, down or plateau.

For instance, our body breaks down all our carbohydrates into sugar and the “end-substance” is, of course, glucose..

More glucose also means more energy and obviously more energy means more weight stocked into the fat cells.

  1. Switch To Skimmed Milk
    Milk is known to have lots of nutrients important for the body. Since full-cream milk falls into the category of full-fat dairy, it also contains a high percentage of saturated fats.

This is definitely not recommended if you want to lose weight.

  1. Say Yes To Healthy Sugar
    Did you know that white sugar is composed of 50% glucose and 50% fructose?

Also, white sugar does not contain the essential minerals present in brown sugar such as calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium.

While brown sugar is healthier than white sugar, it is still recommended for weight loss to take an alternative like Agave Syrup which has the lowest GI value.

As a result, it contributes to better blood sugar management and loss of weight.

*GI Value is a measurement of the glycemic index of sugar.

  1. Back Off Junk Foods!
    We all know that junk foods do any good to the body. The high level of calories in junk foods will never contribute to weight loss.

In my opinion, fast food will be the biggest obstacle in your weight loss journey.

Simply because of the high rate of saturated fats, cholesterol and other ingredients. These will only hurt your loss of weight as well as your health.

Don’t fear to please yourself with a yummy Burger King meal once in a while. But at least not in the beginning stage of your weight loss journey.

  1. Light Butter Please!
    Butter is basically a concentrated dairy fat. So, for weight loss purposes, a reduced-fat butter is recommended.

I use the Elle & Vire Butter Light Salted 20% but you are free to use whatever option you can find in your grocery store.

  1. Water? Really?
    Even if you’re not on a weight loss program, you’re supposed to be drinking around 6-8 glasses of water every day.

If you’re serious about losing weight without exercise, then 2L of water per day will seriously benefit you.

Research has shown that water really helps burn calories. It’s also believed that drinking cold water enhances the process of calorie-burning in your body.

Simply because your body automatically spends more energy/calories to heat up the water for digestion.

  1. Little Cooking Oil But No Deep-Fry
    Oil in food is good, for the skin tissues but not too much. An excess of oil while preparing your meals or a recurrent intake of deep-fried snacks or foods will only harm your body as well as your efforts to lose those excess fats.

Now What?
Ok! I’ve laid down a quick foundation with these easy weight loss tips.

Basically, these are the most important changes to which you need to submit yourself if you want to lose weight without exercise and see quick results.

With confidence, I can guarantee you will see a fast loss in your weight when applying these few tips.

Of course, now comes the part of what should you eat, how to prepare your meals and how much should you eat.

I invite you to read an in-depth article where I share my daily meal plan that I’m sticking to for 3 years now. This healthy way of eating has proven to work on every body type.

It seems unachievable to lose weight without exercise. But with the proper diet and dedication, I know you will succeed.

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