Drinking Cucumber Juice Routinely Every Night Helps Overcome Stomach Problems

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Although the body weight is ideal, but if the stomach is still distended and not slim, it feels maximal outs. It was as if the diet program that had been carried out had been in vain. Not a few people who are fat but have a flat stomach. But not a few people who look thin turned out to have a super bloated stomach.

Besides being uncomfortable to see, a distended abdomen also increases the risk of various diseases or health problems. Reporting from the page, the presence of a distended stomach also often makes confidence decrease. But ladies, for those of you who have distended stomachs, you shouldn’t worry too much first. Cucumber can be a natural food that will help you overcome the problem of distended stomach.

Consumption of cucumber juice mixed with melon and parsley juice is believed to help overcome the problem of distended stomach. Nutrients contained in these three natural ingredients are good at burning fat in the stomach. Vitamins contained in it are also good for increasing freshness and fitness.

So, how to make cucumber juice to overcome the distended stomach?

1 cucumber
100 grams of melon (squeeze the water)
1 teaspoon parsley
1/2 cup drinking water

How to Make & Application:
Peel the cucumber, cut it into small pieces then blend it with water melon, parsley and drinking water. Pour into serving glasses then drink every night.

In addition to overcoming the problem of distended stomach, this juice is also useful to expedite the digestive system, stabilize blood pressure and reduce the risk of diabetes. Balance also by applying a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, rest and drinking enough water. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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